The Quinlan Lab at UVa.

We are a computational genomics group in the Center for Public Health Genomics at the University of Virginia. Our research marries genetics and genomics techniques with computer science, machine learning, and engineering to develop new ways of gaining insight into genome biology and the genetic basis of traits. We try to tackle problems with practical importance to understanding genome variation, chromosome evolution and mining genetic variation for improved understanding of human disease. Understanding the genome is a hard problem; we try to develop new approaches to make genomic research easier.

Latest News

The manuscript on LUMPY was accepted at Genome Biology. [2014-Jun-13]
The Quinlan lab has begun testing the Oxford Nanopore MinION! [2014-May-01]
Aaron is speaking at The Biology of Genomes at CSHL. [2014-May-06]
Ryan Layer received a postdoc fellowship from the UVA Cancer Center.
Jim Havrilla joined the lab as our newest graduate student.
Ryan and Uma are presenting in the UVA postdoctoral retreat.
Ryan Layer successfully defended his dissertation!